The Out of the Box Learning Centre, in Germiston Johannesburg, focuses on finding sustainable means of educating and empowering South Africans to break the cycle of poverty.

The centres founder, Nina Venjakob, instils a sense of urgency in her team to fight poverty with kindness. Poverty is an ongoing task and the work is never completely done.

With the hard work of Nina, the Centre’s team and its learners, Out of the Box has achieved the following goals:

  • A dedicated showroom in which to exhibit
  • Marketing and exporting of products produced by the people skilled at the centre.
  • Exhibitions for the centres artists
  • Fund Raising Events
  • The production of corporate gifts, trophies and awards
  • The running of repair and restorations of items, from antiques, jewellery & clothing
  • All manner of small businesses started and run through the centre, creating permanent jobs for the community

About Out of the Box founder, Nina Venjakob:

Nina Venjakob returned to South Africa from Venezuela and the Caribbean in 1987 with a burning desire to make a difference in the economically suppressed environment that she found. Nina discovered an extensive home industry within South Africa that had no business or distribution skills. Through her initiative various sales channels were identified and developed. Through the funding and development of skills the need for a formalised structure was identified.