Show Making

Lydia Hlongwane manages this excellent and insightful course, teaching the basics of shoe making, with emphasis on the sound design and construction of footwear. She teaches learners the finer points of shoe design and construction from the beginning, with learners soon making their own professional shoe creations.

Learners who excel will work on their own shoe designs and teach others how to turn it into a pattern for shoe construction. This is the first stage of making your very own pair of shoes and presents a blueprint for those aiming to start a career in footwear design.

We aspire for our learners to be part of, or to start up their own, footwear business.

In some communities, shoes are a luxury item. Some adults never actually own a pair. In Lydia’s course, some learners have constructed shoes out of items that are considered to be a waste, making the shoes very affordable, and thus making small businesses possible & fulfilling a great need!

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Shoe Making Course