Out of the Box teaches skills to disadvantaged, unskilled and uneducated South Africans.

We enable them to find sustainable income-generating opportunities by becoming teachers of skills or starting their own small businesses.



At Out of the Box, we believe knowledge to be the key to unlock your future… That’s why we equip our learners with excellent skills, giving them the knowledge they need to develop successful enterprises, become employed and achieve steady incomes.

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Out of the box offers hand-made gifts, to order, and if your company buys from us, you will be helping disadvantaged South African’s at the same time!

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Do you have a desire to invest in and improve upon the lives of your fellow South Africans? Our students possess a willingness to learn skills for the betterment of themselves and their communities, but we need your help to train as many people as quickly as possible.

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We pride ourselves on being able to give people a means to earn and live a happier life as a healthy part of their community. Out of the Box has helped many people to do so, with some staying on to mentor and pass on their skills and knowledge to others, emphasizing the importance of skills succession.

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Out of the Box has created a strategy map that clearly defines all the objectives that we are striving towards in fulfilling our purpose of “Creating ongoing sustainable income-generating opportunities for the disadvantaged through a sustainable Out of the Box Skills Centre” and working towards our long term vision of making a significant contribution towards “Creating an Employed South Africa”

Our Strategy Map is our road map and business plan towards our vision. It highlights the objectives we are striving for to ensure long-term sustainability, the management processes we need to excel at, and the Learning and Growth capabilities that we require to realise our dreams, and also shows the causative relationships between these objectives.

Out of the Box Strategy Map