Our Mission Statement

“Helping to give marginalised people the dignity, confidence and skills to find employment and a better future.”

YOU can change lives, YOU can build futures…


Who are we?


Out of the Box is a group of individuals who are passionate about teaching skills to people who never dreamt of such opportunities to create a future for themselves and their families.

The Out of the Box team are passionate about changing lives, eradicating poverty and creating hope for a productive future.

Our Community

We have been operating successfully for over 16 years, thus earning our reputation as a caring and competent influence in our local community. A community without which we would not be able to be where we are today. As well as personally participating in courses, our community supports our purpose by donating various items, financial aids, as well as covering the expenses of students who are desperate to benefit from our courses and subsequent opportunities, but are not in the position to pay for it. If you are interested in helping us in any way, please direct yourself to our “How can I Help?” page to find out how.

We are confident that we will continue to help create an EMPLOYED SOUTH AFRICA.


Stunning view from Northcliff Ridge Eco Park


Community building at one of our special courses

In short, Out of the Box Skills Development Center teaches skills to people who wish to better their lives and build a future for their children. These are practical skills that enable them to operate a small business from home and perhaps branch out even further!