• On Mandela day we were very fortunate.  Volunteers came to paint and we managed to give our entrance and the office a coat of white paint.  We still have to buy the paint and do the doors and the stationery cupboard.  Now that those two rooms are happy and bright we realise how dreary the old colour (13 years old) is and we would love to give the whole centre a face lift…. Inside and out, if at all possible.
  • An upgrade of brighter lighting in the classrooms would be an absolute bonus.  We work in semi dark.
  • Every month we beg for money to skill people.  Every month we have to make the decision to skill a few people or pay the money to Eskom for rent.  Obviously Skills win.  Sponsorship of our Rent would be the most precious gift.  It is R14,000 per month at present with an escalation of 8 % per annum.
  • Our computer container needs a new solar panel and it would be fantastic to replace the door and the lock with something that could not be tampered with or broken.
  • We would LOVE to teach catering again, as it is a good way to earn a living in a township.   It works.  We need a container, equipped with two stoves, stainless steel tables, and basic catering equipment.  So many businesses are closing down, we are reasonably sure that we can pick up second hand equipment at good prices.
  • We would love to teach life skills and literacy.  We can rotate a spare classroom to do that, but would need the sponsorship to pay the SETA accredited teachers, etc.
  • Our quest to get each course sponsored every month is never ending.  Helping to spread the word, would be greatly appreciated.
  • Another bonus would be to get our lovely cleaner’s wages (R450 per week) sponsored as well as all the essentials like cleaning materials, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, toilet paper, and so forth (+- R2,500.00 per month).